Complete ‘Noobie-to-Intermediate’ Video Lessons

Sep 15, 2022
 I know from talking to dozens and dozens of students that the most frustrating thing with learning Architectural Drawing and Design is…



Literally getting started with learning Arch Drawing and Design with zero previous experience.

So to help you get past all of the heartache of figuring things out for yourself, I’ve put together a compilation of videos that will help you smoothly and easily get from complete beginner that can’t even hold a pencil right…

To being intermediate in drawing (having a clear grasp on the basics and understanding your way around with drawing and design).

The drawing tools you will need is simple A4 paper, 2B pencils, 30 degree and 45 degree triangles and a drawing board and T-bar.

So what are the fundamental exercises to get you from noobie to intermediate?

These exercises are:

Freehand drawing exercises that will help you grow your hand sketching abilities…

Technical drawing exercises that will build up on your mental discipline and 3d vision…


A psychology lesson that will tie everything together and give you a glimpse of how your future journey will happen in mastering Arch Drawing and Design.

Cool, lets get started!

I recommend you start with downloading the free PDF’s on my website (which you get from opting in in the opt-in box on the top right corner of the page).

That is going to get you a solid starting point for building up your skill in drawing.

1.) Simple Box Perspective

Cool, after you download the PDF’s and do the exercises, then you can start doing this exercise on simple shadows for a box perspective.

All will be nice and simple… a bit of line drawing here, a bit of hatching cast and volume shadows there etc.

2.) Simple Cube House Sketch

Keep in mind you need to do a couple of simple boxes until you can jump to more advanced cube house sketches like these.

The good part is that your drawing skill is starting to build momentum, thus the transition from a simple box perspective to a cube house is as smooth as possible.

3.)Floating Cube In Technical Drawing

The next step is to start working your left brain, logical, 3d thinking with a couple of technical drawing exercises.

You’re best off starting with drawing a 4cm cube in triple projection and isometric axonometric… then you can go for drawing the same cube but floating 1 cm in the air…

4.) Horizontal And Vertical Ellipses In Axonometric

Let’s learn how to correctly construct curved objects in axonometric. For this we first need to get constructing correct ellipses out of the way.

This lesson will show you the simplest method out there for constructing an ellipse (warning, you will also need to get a compass).

5.) Cylinder In Technical Drawing

Now let’s combine the two technical drawing lessons in one big lesson where you will be drawing a cylinder in triple projection and axonometric.

Warning – this is where things can get a bit complex… so I recommend you go through all previous lessons (both technical and freehand) before moving to this lesson.


6.) Triangular Prism In Technical Drawing

Now let’s go for drawing a triangular prism in technical drawing so we get a bit more variation on our technique.

We can’t just focus on one thing or another… in drawing you need to be like an ‘universal soldier’, capable of fighting/drawing anything on the spot: be it freehand, technical, curved, rectangular etc

7.)Inner Game Of Arch Drawing And Design

Now let’s get weird and talk about the psychology behind architectural drawing… Hmm, what exactly does it take to become great at architectural drawing and design?

Watch the video, take notes, do the exercises and you will start feeling a shift… like you slow but steady start moving in the right direction.

All the mental fog will dissipate and you will get the clarity you need to notice the next step you need to take on your journey of drawing and design mastery… then the step after that and so on and so forth…



Cool, reading about drawing is nice, it gets you a bit of that mental clarity, but taking action will get you results - you can check out the 5-day free course here (it has worked for thousands of people that started with zero drawing skills).

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